Hypertech Thermostat 180 Degree


Hypertech Thermostat 180 Degree


Thermostat, Power Stat, 180 Degree, High-Flow, Stainless Steel, Chevy, 4.8/5.3/6.0L, Each

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UPC: 759609045348

Opening Temperature Rating: 180 degrees

Flow Rating: High-flow

Gaskets Included: No

Thermostat Material: Stainless steel

Quantity: Sold individually.

Hypertech thermostats are low-temperature thermostats that reduce the temperature of the incoming air/fuel mixture and combustion chamber. This results in lower engine temperatures, less detonation, and increased power and performance. Hypertech thermostats are available in your choice of 160 and 180-degree ratings. So, if you want to reduce your temperature, then you need to get one of these Hypertech thermostats.